Review: Pepper- Ohana

Three years removed from their self-titled record, reggae rockers Pepper are back with Ohana, which will make longtime fans feel right at home and is a return to form for the band.

With their debut record releasing in 2000, Pepper are considered by many as carrying the flag into the next generation for bands like 311 and Sublime- both of which still tour but are further into their careers.

Somewhere along the line, Pepper drifted away from their reggae rock and ska roots and began embracing a more dance club, party rock vibe and. Though fans gravitated toward it, many longed for the days of the “classic” Pepper sound to return and with Ohana, that’s exactly what happens.

Ohana sees the band not only returning to their roots but sounding as good as they ever have. “Vacation,” “Reckless” and “Wait” are vintage Pepper. You can dance, mosh and smoke a joint to it all at the same time.

With Ohana, Pepper are back, the mean business, they’re here to make a statement and they’re only getting better as they go. Hearing Pepper embrace where they came from and what makes them so good is very refreshing. This is Pepper at their strongest and it’s only getting started.

If you’ve never listened to the band, Ohana is the perfect place to start. If you’re a long-time dedicated fan, you’ll feel right at home with Ohana.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards