Review: Owl Company- Horizon

Every once in awhile a band comes along that knocks you on your ass and just blows you away. Owl Company is one of those bands and their latest record- Horizon, is one that you\’re robbing yourself if you don’t listen to.

Imagine Clutch and Black Stone Cherry having a rock and roll lovechild and that’s Owl Company. This band has enough punch to stand up with the heaviest hitters in rock and they have the attitude and intensity to become the next big name. The guitar work of Felipe Ruiz is heavy, gritty and impressive and the vocals leave little to be desired.

Vocally, Enrico Minelli has shades of John Kay of Steppenwolf, John Fogerty, Black Stone Cherry’s Chris Robertson, and Clutch’s Neil Fallon.

Oh, and the band is from Brazil. That’s right, this isn’t American Southern Rock, like you’d probably expect- this is good old Brazilian rock and roll, and it completely kicks ass.

When you get chills just listening to the Intro, you know you’re in for a ride and that’s what happens with Horizon. There are blistering, intense rock anthems like “Celebrate and Kneel,” “Death Row,” or “Riddles” but Owl Company can also slow it down beautifully with tracks like “Caged Emotions.”

In the end, Owl Company have put together one blazer of a rock album. If you dig southern rock, this is a collection of music that you’ll kick yourself if you don’t listen to. They’ve outdone themselves and its clear they have what it takes to reach the top of the rock ranks.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards