Review: Otherwise- Gawdzillionaire

Otherwise are back! Four years after releasing Defy, the band are back and swinging for the fences and ready to prove they’re still a heavy-hitting band, which they do exactly that with Gawdzillionaire. While Defy had some heavy tracks, it also saw the band experimenting with electronics and just went a little overboard with it, leaving a record that had shades of the Otherwise everyone loves but also left a void and vibe that just wasn’t Otherwise. With Gawdzillionaire, the band has found the perfect balance between electronic and hard rock that both long term and newer Otherwise fans will find something to love. While the band made their mark some softer rock songs like “I Don’t Apologize,” “Heaven,” “Never Say” and more, the band’s bread and butter has always been the heavy side of things and that’s what Gawdzillionaire is from front-to-back. It’s a heavy, aggressive onslaught that doesn’t let up until it’s far from over. Songs like “Full Disclosure,” “Coffins,” “New Way to Hate,” and “Exorcism” are all strong tracks that see the band going down the avenues that made fans fall in love with them in the beginning but Otherwise also found a way to expand their sound with songs like “Exit Wound,” “Failure” and the title track. “Exit Wound” has a grungy vibe mixed with early 2000’s heavy metal while the title track blends modern rock, hip hop with the addition of Ekoh as well as smooth jazz to close the track out. It’s a fun one. “Failure” has a message reminiscent of the early days of Otherwise when they had a message of positivity and perseverance, featuring an anthem cry of “failure is not an option.” The record ends with an outstanding cover of Blind Melon’s “No Rain.” It’s a complete reimagining of the classic song and turns it into a heavy anthem that doesn’t sound anything like the original. They made it their own and it’s a fun take on the song. In the end, this is more than just a new record for Otherwise, it’s a comeback and a return to the top of the hard rock ranks, where they really belong. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards