Review: Otep- Generation Doom

Three years ago, Otep released Hydra– a powerful concept album she said was her last. With the state of the music industry, she wasn\’t happy anymore and it was time for her to step away. Fast forward to 2016 and she\’s back with a new label, a new hunger and a new album- Generation Doom.

Her first record with Napalm Records, Otep\’s Generation Doom is one of the most powerful and ferocious we\’ve heard her in years. Not that Hydra or Atavist weren\’t destructive, but Generation Doom has a dominant vibe to it that makes you feel the music in ways you haven\’t since she released albums like Sevas Tra. This album has everything you could possibly want in an Otep album.

From the opening screams of “Zero,” you know this is going to be good. Songs like “In Cold Blood” and “Lie” are hypnotic and emotional that you become one with what you\’re listening to. “Feeding Frenzy” is an adrenaline rush that hits you hard- and I mean hard and makes you forget where you are- you\’ll be thrashing.

One of the many stand out tracks is her cover of Lorde\’s “Royals.” It\’s tribal, it\’s powerful, it will make you love the song if you didn\’t already. “Down” has some of the most genius lyrics Otep has written yet and- just like “Feeding Frenzy,” you\’ll have this one on repeat.

What will take you offguard is “Equal Rights, Equal Lefts.” If you listen to some of Otep\’s earlier songs from Sevas Tra, she raps quite a bit in her vocal delivery. With this song, the instrumentals are pretty much hip hop and rap but have some of the heaviest metal tracking on the album too- it\’s balanced perfectly. The lyrics of this song are just perfect and show Otep really opening up about her orientation and tells the story of an altercation she actually had. If you like clever Otep lyrics, this is the song for you- who would have thought one of the best rap songs of the year would come from Otep? Don\’t be surprised, damnit! The song kicks ass and you\’ll agree when you hear it.

“No Color” is another standout track- it\’s just so damn catchy and has a really deep message behind it. You\’ll be singing this one for hours upon hours- just watch.

When it\’s all said and done, Otep\’s Generation Doom proves numerous things- most of which is that she\’s back, she\’s stronger than ever, she\’s not going anywhere and she can still kick your ass in more ways than one. This is an Otep album through and through and probably the strongest album she\’s written since The Ascension.

If you\’re an Otep fan, go pick this album up. If you aren\’t an Otep fan, this could be the one that makes you a disciple and a member of The Tribe.

Rating: 10/10

-Reggie Edwards