Review: Of Limbo- California Demon

What if the devil wasn’t just real but he was also wandering the streets of Hollywood, seeking out young, naive people who want success? Now imagine if he found them and they sold their souls to him for that fame. That’s the premise of the latest single from Of Limbo- “California Demon” and the video the band has released is just as haunting as the subject surrounding it. 

The band has always had the subject in the holster, waiting for the perfect time to write a song about it and, god damn, they knocked it out of the park. The song is dark, brooding and really acts as the perfect soundtrack to the theme. 

The guitars are sinister, the drums and bass are hypnotizingly catchy and the vocals follow suit and suck you in from the start, and that’s before the video even hits you. 

The music video is flawless. The setting is as dark as the song is and the red-lit background is perfect for the song. The special effects match the subject of the song beautifully and it’s not even all effects- they really did light guitarist Luke Davies’ guitar on fire for the video. The video is hypnotizing, haunting, sexy and encapsulates every aspect of what the song is all about.

“California Demon ” is an audio and visually tantalizing experience that you’ll get sucked into rght away and not be able to escape from. Of Limbo knocked it out of the park on this one- visually and sonically. 

-Reggie Edwards