Review: Nothing But Thieves- Dead Club City

Hailing from Essex in the UK, Nothing But Thieves have returned with their fourth full-length studio album titled Dead Club City. The band took a little time off after releasing their last album Moral Panic and the follow-up EP Moral Panic II, but they are back and full of life once again.

It is abundantly clear that Nothing But Thieves thrive in the alternative/dance rock space. “Keeping You Around”, the third and final single from this record showcases that brilliantly. It’s the first real tone shift on the album, taking a funkier approach to their sound. Conor Mason’s vocals are drenched in fuzz and reverb for most of the song, but all the effects are stripped away during the bridge, which really make them pop.

Another highlight from Dead Club City is the track “Members Only”. The shortest song on the record makes itself known. The guitar riff in the intro stands out immediately. The song flows exceptionally well and Mason’s vocal delivery, while great on the whole record, is absolutely superb on this track. The band ventures into some softer and more synth-led territory with songs like “City Haunts”, “Green Eyes :: Siena”, and “Talking to Myself”.

However, the best track on this record doesn’t come until the final song, “Pop the Balloon”. From the start, this song is the most upbeat track on the record besides the opener “Welcome to the DCC”. The vocals stand out immediately and are very unique. We hear the dirtiest guitars on the entire album, which include a fantastic riff and the synths help to build tension throughout a majority of the track. It’s a great way to close out the album.

Nothing But Thieves have carved out a great niche for themselves in the alternative rock genre. Their weaker points lie in their softer material, but they don’t spend too much time in that end of their sound on Dead Club City. This band is for fans of Queens of the Stone Age, The Band Camino, and Royal Blood.

Score: 7.5/10

Top Tracks:

“Pop the Balloon”

“Members Only”

“Keeping You Around”