Review: Nonpoint- The Poison Red

Is it a spider? Or is it a frog? Many individuals have asked this lingering question about the bands logo for years and years. The correct answer would be a frog. Figured out the band yet?

Nonpoint has graced many stages, played with bands like Disturbed and Megadeath, released nine studio albums, and continues to grow their fan based strictly by pouring their heart and soul into every song they have written. If you have pre-ordered the bands upcoming album The Poison Red you’ve already been given a couple songs off of the album “Generation Idiot” and “El Diablo.”

“Generation Idiot” kicks off the album with a direct point to grab your attention from a lyrical standpoint. The bands front man Elias Soriano uses this song to take a few punches at the social media macho man trying to illustrate to them that there is much more to communication. Soriano feels that there is so much more depth to communication including in the music that Nonpoint continues to push out. He recently said “I’m trying to empower people and that’s it. It’s because I’m trying to empower myself.”

Once you get past “Generation Idiot” the album takes an even more depth approach lyrically and musically. “Foaming At The Mouth” protrudes classic Nonpoint, one that has the possibility to become a fan favorite. The hard deliberate beat throughout the song coupled with sudden and intermediate breaks from the madness will scream to the fan base.

When moving towards the middle of the album, “Rabbit Hole” provides an eerie, spine-tingling feeling leading seamlessly into a Pantera sounding “Chasing White Rabbits.”

With this being one of the hardest albums from Nonpoint songs like “Radio Chorus” and “No Running Allowed” will please every generation of metal head. Finishing up the album with a song like “My Last Dying Breath.”

The band continues to show their dedication and sacrifices to insure that they continue for another 20-plus years. Just for reference, when the music stops………just keep listening. This album is exactly what Nonpoint fans would expect, 50 minutes of shredding guitars, sick bass beats, the pulsating bass drum, and all being united with the unique sound of Elias Soriano’s voice. \\

The completeness of this album is poised to be one of the best Nonpoint albums to date.

Rating: 10/10

-Luke Ballengee