Review: Nervosa – Agony

\"10363968_952555391459572_5175528527812958092_n\" Truth be told, I\’ve never been a big fan of female or female fronted metal bands. That is, until I got my sexist & closed-minded paws on Agony (Napalm Records). From the São Paulo , Brazil trio Nervosa. On first listen to Agony, those curmudgeonly old school metal-heads will happily regress to the good old days of thrash. Realistically, the days when Slayer wore the crown as the heaviest band in music and a triple bill consisted of bands like Anthrax, Exodus and Helloween for about $16.50. Those days are gone and will never return but, Nervosa just might be able to give you that blast from the past view of how thrash used to be, Oh you remember…. when Metallica released records and actually toured. Agony opens fast and furious with Arrogance, setting the tone for the entire record. With the combination of thick and chunky bass line ultra powerful and raw vocals, Fernanda Lira, puts any question to rest that she\’s just eye candy. Prika Amaral\’s guitar riffs are as technical and precise as a surgeon. Those same riffs that began as an explosion of beauty, unfortunately, throughout the record they seem to repeat themselves. Drummer, Pitchu Ferraz plays with such ferocity and timing that its obvious she is a seasoned veteran and should accept her spot amongst the upper echelon. Bottom line, Nervosa effortlessly blends old and new styles of thrash metal unlike so many others tried before but failed miserably.