Review: The Midnight Wedding- I Swear

The Midnight Wedding are poised to release their latest single and video in “I Swear,” with the music video releasing August 14 and the single September 4 and it’s a heavy one for sure.  The video opens with singers Brandon Trlak and Caitlin Trlak talking about their inner struggle of wanting to do the right thing but they can’t and how they always feel like a failure.  This leads into the main story of the video of a police chaise in an abandoned building. The female officer catches and arrests the criminal, books him and he gets his mugshot taken. During this time, there’s quick shots to the band playing but one Easter egg is that the criminal has Brandon’s name, but this explains that the story is actually telling the story of the fight inside his head and the battle he faces when he wants to do the right thing but always does the wrong thing with the criminal being the evil inside and the officer symbolizing the good in his heart.  As the video goes on, the female officer starts packing up to go home as the cell containing the criminal opens. He attacks her, bloodies her and puts her in his cell while he’s possessed with some serious evil. It’s a dark video but deep and touches on subjects a lot of Christians are hesitant to talk about. This is a video that’s much needed and pushes boundaries.  The song is as heavy as any incarnation of this band has ever written and brings in elements that fit both vocalists perfectly. Lyrically, this song cuts deep: I swear someday I\’ll get this right. I swear that I\’ll stop telling lies. Like an addict to the drug, I chose the high before your love. I didn\’t mean to spill your love, I swear. There\’s panic in my face. I Don\’t want your heart to break again Brandon Trlak’s vocals hit the high notes at just the right time and his raspy screams are strategically placed at the right spots but when Caitlin Trlak’s sole female vocals hit, the instrumentals that accompany her add drama and a cinematic element that will give you chills, giving you a sense of peace in the darkness.  Musically, Andrew Stanton\’s guitar solo and Brandon Boelte’s bass drop toward the end will make your jaw drop if you pay attention and notice it.  “I Swear” is a song that anyone- not just Christians can relate to. If you have issues with mental health, confidence or anxiety, this song is your anthem.  Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards