Review: The Midnight Wedding- Anthem For The Outcast

There’s always an influx of new Christian rock bands trying to break that glass ceiling every year but when one comes around that’s got “it,” there’s no stopping them. Enter The Midnight Wedding and their debut record- Anthem for the Outcast. This record is one that shows the band coming out of the gate swinging for the fences and they don’t hold back. After a cinematic, electronic intro- one that has to be their live intro track as well- they rip into lead single “I Swear,” which is perfectly placed as the opening song. Their heavy tracks are deep, personal, emotional and honest and “Enforcers,” featuring Kevin Young of Disciple is a prime example of this. Then there’s “Landslide,” which is the first taste of co-lead vocalist Caitlin Trlak, which is a great follow-up to “Enforcers.” “Hate’s Door” shows the band venturing out stylistically with strings and acoustic guitars and is a great combo with lead vocals from both Brandon and Caitlin Trlak. This song is gorgeously dramatic while “Kill Me” is a steady adrenaline rush with some of the catchiest guitars on the record. “Escape” is the first ballad of the record and with Caitlin on vocals, this song will move you while “Unbelief” talks about losing faith, feeling you’re falling away and begging for peace of mind. This song shows the band spilling their hearts and we’re all better for it. “What I Preach” picks back up after the two ballads at just the right time and with just the right amount of attitude; The pianos are perfect touch “Set Me Free” features Dawn Michelle of Fireflight and is an absolutely elegant ballad about the beauty of being set free by Jesus and the peace that brings while “Right Beside Me” is an equally-calming and soothing acoustic worship track. These two go hand-in-hand. Closer “Stay” ends it on a strong note. You’re broken and tired from all of the pain and hurt and the church has abandoned you. You feel your faith leaving and you’re begging for Jesus to stay by your side. That’s this song and it’s heavy in a different way. In the end, Anthem for the Outcast is a cornucopia of instrumental elements with a theatrical vibe. The Midnight Wedding take you on a journey and present a message and fight song for those that feel thrown away by the church and those who feel they don’t belong or have a place. Those people- the outcasts- have a place with The Midnight Wedding and this is a record filled with songs of hope and redemption and is one that a generation needs to hear. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards