Review: Mick Mars- The Other Side of Mars

A few years ago, Mick Mars started discussing a solo project he’d been working on. There was always speculation about it but nothing really ever surfaced…until now. Now, he’s on his own for one of the first times and he’s here with his true solo debut- The Other Side of Mars and it’s one that’s sure to make fans fall in love with it.

Touting a solo band featuring Jacob Bunton on vocals, Chris Collier on bass and KoRn’s Ray Luzier on drums, Mars has really stacked the deck and made sure this album stands out. From the start of lead single “Loyal to the Lie,” it’s clear this isn’t going to sound anything like Motley Crue and that’s a good thing; when a longtime band member of any noteworthy band forms a solo project and it sounds like their full-time band, it’s pointless.

Mars has been working on this record for a long time, so the expectations were high, and he’s shattered all of them. Anthems like “Broken on the Inside” and “Ready to Roll” are some of the best work Mars has ever done while “Killing Breed” and “Undone” are instant classics.

The standout moments of the record are ballads “Memories” and “Alone,” which are Bunton’s chance to really shine. These aren’t just ballads, they’re artistically emotional screams that hit so hard, you’ll be moved to tears. These are the two songs you would never expect from Mars and they’re two of the best on the record.

“Ain’t Going Back” is an adrenaline-charged rocker that’s partnered with some equally-badass lyrics, combining for a close-out track that’s purely addicting before closing things out with the bluesy, instrumental “LA Noir.”

In the end, it’s hard to believe the Mick Mars has released the best record of his career after over 40 years of recording but that’s exactly what he’s done. While his stuff with Motley was outstanding and produced some of the biggest songs of all time, The Other Side of Mars boasts itself as the most complete record of Mar’s career. There’s not one single weak track and every song could be a single.  

Rating: 9.5/10

-Reggie Edwards