Review: Meridians-Self Titled e.p.


From Flint Michigan, Meridians are coming out swinging with their debut album The EP. First thing I would like to point out about this band is that the drummer, Josh Miller, also does the clean vocals for the band, which is badass. His cleans combined with the harsh vocals from Alex McClain and the electronic undertones throughout the entire album really makes this album stand out from the crowd.

A huge highlight off of this album for me was The Messenger. The lyrics are really solid, the perfect combination of harsh and cleans as well as some kick ass breakdowns, it really pulled the whole song together making it probably my favorite from The EP. Also, the song Big Ben really stands out to me. The guitars in this song are really fun, especially behind the pure harshness of the song. The electronic break in the song makes it that much more fantastic.
I definitely dig this album. I usually like a little bit more of a break from the harsh vocals but Meridians pulled it off perfectly. Plus I’m a sucker for a killer breakdown and there is no shortage of them on this album, which is awesome. Their musical influences are extremely apparent in their music, but they put their own personal spin on it. Meridians are going to be a band to keep your eye on for sure.