Review: Lynch Mob- The Brotherhood

Few people stay as busy as George Lynch- Michael Sweet (hey, they have an album coming out together) and Corey Taylor are two that come to mind. Between Lynch Mob, KXM, Sweet & Lynch and a recent Dokken reunion (we’re still holding out for a proper US tour), George Lynch knows how to keep things fresh. We might be getting spoiled by Lynch because virtually every record he’s been a part of has been absolutely spectacular. So why expect anything different from Lynch Mob’s eighth studio record- The Brotherhood? First off, is there any more of a fitting album title? If any band is a brotherhood, it’s Lynch Mob, with Lynch and singer Oni Logan having been together since the beginning, and they really bring the best out of each other. A few things come to mind when listening to The Brotherhood– this is definitely a Lynch Mob album. It’s bluesy, dark, atmospheric, melodic, adrenalizing, and addictive. With every release, Lynch’s playing has gotten stronger and tighter and just more impressive and if you dug the Mob’s previous offering (Rebel), things are even better with The Brotherhood– on multiple levels. The chemistry between Lynch and Logan is clearly stronger than ever and they’re operating on a much higher level than ever before. With a fresh new rhythm section to accompany the two, it’s a lot of fun to sit back and listen to them come together and play off each other. In the end, it feels like Lynch Mob are just getting started- and they are. They stick to their guns, stay true to where they began but they also aren’t stuck in their ways either- it’s a fine line and they walk it perfectly, not many bands can pull this off. This is a record that will please not only the most loyal Lynch Mob fans but will also bring in new fans as well. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards