Review: In Lights-Running with Scissors

  \"unnamed-2_(1)\" In Lights is an extremely catchy 4 piece pop-punk band from Ohio. They will be releasing their debut album Running with Scissors on July 1st and I am absolutely on board with it. I have definitely found my new guilty pleasure. In Lights combines catchy and relatable lyrics with a solid balance of electronic/pop and rock music making for a perfect album to turn all the way up and sing along with. The title track Running with Scissors kicks off the album and it has an extremely familiar but new feeling to it. The electronic and heavy breakdown in the middle of the song really threw me off, in a good way, making the song really stand out for me. My favorite song on the album is definitely One Year Down. It starts off a little bit heavier and is little bit less electronic than the rest of the album. The lyrics really take this one home for me though, it’s an all-around good song. In Lights has just about perfected the pop-rock sound that has become very popular over the last few years. With Running with Scissors being their first album, I’m curious to see what these guys could do over the next few years.   -Tera Ford