Review: Ledger

In 2008 when Skillet enlisted Jen Ledger to take the drum duties from Lori Peters, they released Awake, which saw Ledger featured on vocals and fans lost their minds with excitement and wanted more. The next two records- Rise and Unleashed featured her even more but it still wasn’t enough for fans. Now, Ledger has unleashed her new side-project- Ledger and the self-titled EP is one that will please anyone who takes time to listen. Even though it sits at six songs, there’s a lot to digest. Ledger worked on this material with John and Korey Cooper of Skillet as well as Seth Mosely, making sure to keep with what she’s most comfortable with and making sure it came out as perfectly as she saw it in her head, and it worked very well. The record starts of strong with lead single “Not Dead Yet.” A blast right out of the gate, it’s electronic, poppy and powerful. It also tells you up front that you’re in for a fun ride and that’s exactly what Ledger is. Ledger picked the perfect song to preview the record with. Then there’s “Warrior,” which features John Cooper of Skillet and is the force-punch of the record. Any hardcore Skillet will fall in love with this song. It’s heavy, it’s electronic and it’s just what you’d expect to hear from Ledger. After “Foreigner and “Bold” keep that trend going, we come to “Ruins,” which is a very personal and emotion-driven song. It shows Ledger’s vulnerable side and also shows a vocal side of her we have yet to see unless you had a chance to catch Skillet perform “Yours to Hold” back in the day. In the end, Ledger is a project you can tell Jen Ledger poured her heart and soul into. It’s a journey we’re lucky to have the opportunity to travel on with her. Her voice is angelic and stronger than ever and it’s so good to see her venturing out on her own. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards