Review: Kansas – The Prelude Implicit

\"580787a72be20.image\"Kansas has been around for decades making sweet timeless music. Sometimes fans would say they lost their way a little bit but definitely not on The Prelude Implicit. In my opinion this is the best Kansas album in years, almost taking you back in time. The album opens up with “With this Heart” which is a positive, upbeat song that has a beautiful violin solo that has become a signature of Kansas. The song following “Visibility Zero” is my favorite from The Prelude Implicit. The song instrumentally is extremely catchy, complimented by the beautiful vocals of Ronnie Platt. “Rhythm in the Spirit” is another song that will just totally blow you away. The entirety of The Prelude Implicit is best described by saying Kansas is back. Making an album that sounds like it came out of the 70s in 2016 is not something that is going to go over for everyone. But, hopefully they can expand their fan base a bit with this one. Die hard Kansas fans can rejoice, for this album is exactly what we have been waiting for. The album is a bit long at times but it is expected and definitely worth a listen all the way through at least twice.