REVIEW: Josh Todd & The Conflict – Year Of The Tiger

If no nonsense Rock N Roll with a hell of a lot of attitude is up your ally, then might I direct your attention to the new Joss Todd & The Conflict disc entitled Year of the Tiger. It is a new side project for Joss Todd and Buckcherry guitarist Stevie Dacanay. If you ever liked what they did in Buckcherry then you’re going to simply love this. The album was produced by Eric Kretz of Stone Temple Pilots and is not all that far removed from the sound of Buckcherry. “Year of the Tiger” starts the release off with a guitar riff that boarders on Punk Rock. Add to it Joss Todd’s unmistakable rasp and you’ve got something really special. “Inside” is a smooth mid-tempo rocker that’s very similar to Buckcherry that features a smoking guitar solo by Stevie Dacanay. While “Fucked Up” has a guitar solo and lyrics that are exactly that, Fucked Up. “Rain” is a slower song with a shit ton of swagger while “Good Enough” is another slow tune that really showcases Todd’s raspy vocal delivery. Elsewhere, “The Conflict” is driven by an absolutely visceral riff, while “Story of My Life” showcases a big radio ready chorus that sets this one up to be sing along ready. “Erotic City” is a funk driven, big sing along ready song that showcases the bands chops and the breakdown in the middle of “Push It” is so impressive it has to be heard to be believed. Last, but certainly not least, “Atomic” is another funk flavored treat with yet another truly massive chorus. Here’s the bottom line. If you ever liked Buckcherry, then Year of the Tiger is a no brainer at all. 8 out of 10