Review: Jinjer- Micro EP

Jinjer is an Ukranian metalcore outfit that has gained more and more popularity over the last half-decade or so. The band has released three full-length albums and the Micro EP is intended to tide fans over until they can finish work on their highly-anticipated fourth studio record. Micro is a short, 20-minute, five-track effort that gets in and out very quickly while still giving fans exactly what they want from the band. One of the major highlights from the EP is the middle track, “Teacher, Teacher!” The vocals from Tatiana Shmailyuk are influenced a little bit by nu metal in the intro, but quickly shift back to her signature style. This track hits the heavy with blast beats and heavy, chunky riffs, but also takes a step back to an atmospheric passage that builds into the outro. But, the song isn’t finished just yet. It comes back for one last go round with a very heavy riff before ending abruptly. “Dreadful Moments” and “Perennial” are also highlights on the EP. One thing that stands out to me is the influence that Jinjer has had around the metal universe, especially with a band like Entheos. Both bands are female-fronted and play a similar style of music. The thing that sets Jinjer apart is Shmailyuk’s ability to utilize her clean singing as effectively as her harsh vocals. It remains to be seen whether Jinjer’s new, full-length album will be released this year or not. Regardless, Micro is a fantastic representation of the band’s ability to make phenomenal music that is memorable and never overstays its welcome. Keep an eye out for the band to release more new music within a year of this release and if you can, catch them at a show near you. Rating:8/10 -Jacob Marcheschi