Review: Jamie’s Elsewhere- Paradise

California-based metalcore outfit Jamie’s Elsewhere has finally returned after a nine-year dormancy. Their new EP Paradise is the band’s first release since 2020’s standalone single “The Soil and the Seed” and first longer form release since their 2014 LP Rebel-Revive. With Aaron Pauley (Of Mice & Men) back behind the microphone, how does the band’s comeback effort stack up?

Paradise is a quick-hitting release with five tracks clocking in under 18 minutes in length. The first track “Escapist” gives the listener a great idea of what the band sounds like in 2023. There’s a lot of space in this track, especially early on. The production is pristine, with the bass cutting through the mix expertly and the drums sounding as clean as ever. The ending breakdown is a highlight of this track as well.

“Avatar” adds in some progressive elements to the band’s sound, including some math-y sounding guitar riffs and odd time signatures. The second verse adds some more beef to the song with Pauley shredding his throat screaming into the microphone. The final breakdown of this track slows the tempo and gets even heavier than the majority of the song and will induce stank faces everywhere.

The closing track “Separate Me” is another fantastic song. Pauley shows off his singing ability the most in this track, but it’s certainly not without its heavy moments. The band adds in some orchestral samples to give this track an epic, grandiose feeling. This is certainly the most dynamic track on the EP and shows the band is able to write some more emotional tracks as well.

There is not a bad track on Paradise. In fact, all five of these songs are high-quality metalcore that fit perfectly into the genre in 2023. They don’t feel dated whatsoever. For the first lengthier taste of Jamie’s Elsewhere in nine years, the band feels rejuvenated. All fans of this artist are already crossing their fingers for a full-length release in 2024.

Score: 9.5/10

Top Tracks:

All five are worth your time