Review: Jaeger Wells – Fever Dream Anthology

With the release of Fever Dream Anthology, it\’s painfully obvious that singer songwriter, Jaeger Wells, has traveled to  the depths of his soul for inspiration. Not unlike the \”normal\” day to day person, Wells  digs into subjects like alienation, loneliness & frustration. Be it on his own accord or at the hands of someone else. Opening track \”San Paulo  Liars Club\”, Wells paints a picture of someone who is working and living the day to day grind out on the road. It has a distinct introspectiveness that tells the story and  the emotional strains  of touring musicians who is trying to climb the ladder to success. \” What It Feels Like\” is an upbeat track that tackles adversity, anxiety and indecision while charging towards positivity.  Ace Enders had a hand in this release and this is the track that Enders\’ influence is felt most. With a chorus like \”Take a deep breath, you turn the car off and face what\’s coming towards you\” . Adding depth to an  already strong song is whistling. C\’mon who doesn’t dig whistling? On “For The Jilted, For The Broken” and “Rotten Apple (of My Eye)” Wells takes a much slower approach that shines a light on his more soulful qualities. Closing the e.p.  is \”East Coast Ghosts\”. E.C.G. is a collection of the shoulda, woulda, coulda neurotic  types of thoughts that everyone has as they tend to get older and take that long hard look at the choices they’ve made in life.  With East Coast Ghosts, Jaegar Wells proves that his musical stylings and songwriting skills are NOT as clear cut as I thought. There are distinct influences and comparisons to Ben Folds, Barenaked Ladies and The Wonder Years.