Review: Holy Foley

With the arrival of the WWE Network, WWE has been able to produce some of their own original programs, most of which have been very successful and well-put-together. Their latest original- Holy Foley- is no exception. Being a reality show, the perception going in was mixed by a lot of people, but if anyone can win over the non-reality-show crowd, it\’s Mick Foley. Foley has always been over with the fans and one of the most relatable figures in the history of WWE. Being from the Midwest, he\’s always dressed casually, had a corny sense of humor and been the guy you just want to see win. The first five episodes set the stage for what is bound to be a must-see show. It opens with Mick\’s daughter, Noelle, dropping the bombshell of wanting to be a wrestler and Mick wants nothing to do with it and does everything he can to make sure it doesn\’t happen. Mick absolutely dislikes Noelle\’s boyfriend, Frank- who\’s a clown- and it\’s comical to say the least. In time, though, Mick comes to terms with his daughter\’s desire to get into the ring and that\’s where things really take off. He sits down and helps her come up with ideas for her in-ring persona, sets up a meeting between Noelle and WWE Women\’s Champion Charlotte and gets Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks to help train Noelle. Perhaps the most touching moment of the show so far is when Mick takes Noelle to the WWE Archives warehouse, which has every piece of WWE-used memorabilia in history. He takes her there to help inspire her, which works. But when he comes across the original Hell In A Cell cage, he\’s the one that gets emotional and it\’s one of the most touching moments of the show. Throughout the show, Foley\’s signature sense of humor shines through and it\’s a fun reminder of why we all love Mick Foley so much while giving us a glimpse into what the Foley household is really like. If you aren\’t a fan of reality shows, give Holy Foley a chance. There\’s something to be loved for everyone. -Reggie Edwards