I had the opportunity to check out the new album from HELLYEAH called UNDENIABLE this week…Man, what a week! I was very anxious to check this one out. I have a long history of listening to HELLYEAH. I can remember that I was one of the first people to score their first album from Circuit City about ten years ago as much as that ages me. My old band even had the opportunity to open for them in Wisconsin in 2007. I will always support this band because they have always put the metal community first. Those guys will always make time for the fans unlike other large acts. What separates HELLYEAH! From the other bands is their love for their craft and their desire to be one with the fans. Right off the bat, I have heard ‘X’ and ‘Human’ a few times already via the inter webs and Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal. I enjoyed the songs for being more of the ‘radio stream songs’. They have a bit more meat to it than other radio songs song do.I can say right off the bat that this album has more of a dark feel to it. I don’t want to say that it is more angry or anything like that, it just seems like the content is much deeper than I am used to hearing from the band. Everything seems to be more organic as well. Everything just seems to fit in the right places. Blood Plague got my attention pretty quickly. It reminds me of something that would have been off of the Stampede album but more heavy. The band sure knows how to keep their tones clean and meaningful. There is a bit of a clean singing part in the middle but really doesn’t take away from the general heaviness. I have always thought that Chad had a great way to use his screaming voice and his singing voice cohesively. Start A Riot was pretty interesting song. It was definitely made for playing live. It is catchy and has a singable chorus. I could definitely see some people in the pit for this one. Leap of Faith is quite different from the other songs. I like the variety that it brought to the table. In no way is it a slow song, however, it really does take you to a different place while listening to it. Love Falls has a really strong message to it. I actually printed out to lyrics to try and absorb the meaning behind this one. It is insane how much emotion that Chad can pour out with his words. There is a creepy vibe to it as well. Probably one of my most favorite tracks off of this album was Grave. I loved the old school feel to it. There was thick double bass accents along with a thick ass chuggy guitar grove. I honestly think HELLYEAH! Has perfected that sound. No one can ever take e that away from them. UNDENIABLE is definitely one of the band’s best albums to date. There is variety and meaning behind every song. This is a great album to drive too. It makes you sit back and absorb everything that is being thrown at you. UNDENIABLE is a must have for any metal fan!   Animal! 2016