Review: Halestorm- Back From The Dead

Halestorm waited until the COVID pandemic was slowing down to release their fifth record, aptly named Back From the Dead and that’s exactly what this record is all about.  You can tell just by listening to the album that the title is more than just a title- it’s an all-encapsulating theme and attitude, which shines through on almost every song, from the opening chord and scream of the title track.  The band didn’t hold back at all and put all of the frustrations from the last two years everyone has been feeling into this record and their intensity and aggression is infectious.  Halestorm throws a lot at you right out of the gate, with the title track, “Wicked Ways,” “Strange Girl,” “Brightside” and “The Steeple” hitting you right in the balls before they slow it down with the eerie and cinematic “Terrible Things” and picking it back up with “My Redemption,” “Bombshell,” “I Come First” and “Psycho Crazy” kick you in the gut. “Raise Your Horns” is the perfect closer, bringing you down and letting you breathe with a ballad as gorgeous as “Here’s To Us,” and reminds you that while Lzzy Hale can scare the hell out you with her screams, she can soothe you to sleep with the most angelic voice ever and she does exactly that with this song.  In the end, this is the record Halestorm fans needed in 2022. It’s the heaviest and strongest record they’ve written and put out since The Strange Case Of… and it’s loaded with hits and live staples. It’s exactly what fans have been waiting for. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards