Review: Guttermouth – Got It Made

\"10898243_897147590330057_7528725052765136820_n\"There is an old saying that says “Old punks don\’t die, we just stand in the back”. That’s true, unless your name is Mark Adkins and you’re the singer of Guttermouth. Then you step up to the front row and continue to tear shit up like it was still the 1990’s. Got It Made marks their first release in ten years. Mind you, there have been hiatuses, member turnover and chaotic times as well in the twenty-eight year span since Guttermouth was born.

Got It Made\’s opening track, The Point doesn’t give the feeling that Guttermouth had been away for ten years. In actuality, it feels like there\’s some pep in their step.  Musically and vocally, songs Shitty Situation and title track, I\’ve Got It Made have an unmistakable taste that reminds you of legendary San Francisco punks Dead Kennedys.

All in all, Guttermouth hasn’t changed much since the beginning. They’re still sarcastic, funny and still damn good at making music. Think Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day, back when he had chipped teeth or Dexter Holland of The Offspring, when he wore braids or Fat Mike of NOFX before he stopped getting high…..HAHA!

Guttermouth are still the same smart ass punks that will never pass up a chance to piss in the punch bowl for a good laugh.  Viva la Guttermouth!