Review: Greta Van Fleet- From The Fires

Riding high on the heels of their successful debut EP- Black Smoke Rising, Greta Van Fleet recently released their latest EP- From The Fires. Since being formed by the Kizska brothers, with drummer Danny Wagner joining in 2013, Greta Van Fleet certainly has walked through the flames. But it took them straight to the no.1 spot on the Billboard US Top Hard Rock Charts. From The Fires is strongly inspired by the bands childhood camping trips, according to frontman Josh Kizska: \”Our extended families and friends spent part of every summer together at a place called Yankee Springs,\” Kizska says. \”We were out in the middle of the woods, and every night, we’d sit around a campfire, play music and tell stories.” The EP features eight tracks: Safari Song: Dipping back into the roots of rock, this song is almost Aerosmith reminiscent. Very classic rock, but with a wild undertone. Edge Of Darkness: The EP is said to focus on humanity, and this song delves into it. “I\’ve got love in my heart/ For army apart/ I am bleeding” The instrumental in this song stands particularly strong, with the guitar and bass melding beautifully. Flower Power: A complete change from the rest of the EP, ‘Flower Power’ unplugs and taps into the power of the 70’s, talking about that one girl who’s “out of sight”. Change Is Gonna Come: The change here is a slower pace with a touch of soul. This is the kind of song you slow dance to on a wooden porch in the evening. Highway Tune: Properly named, this song is perfect for driving around when you want to feel like a total bad*ss. This southern rock jam is guaranteed to give you a little swagger in your step. Meet On The Ledge: This song goes heavy, talking about loss, and reunion after death. Well crafted and full of emotion. You can tell it carries a lot of meaning for the band in lead singer Josh Kazska’s voice. Talk On The Streets: Keep an eye out for the killer guitar solo from Jake Kiszka on this one. It’s bound to be spectacular live. This is the go to song of the album. Black Smoke Rising: This is their most straight classic rock song. Smooth on the ears but it’s lyrics delve a little into abstractism and meaning gets lost in metaphor. Overall, the EP is well done and easy to listen to but the lyrics need more depth. All the greats were so because they tapped into the raw emotions of the human experience and brought them to life. Final Rating: 7.5/10 -Samantha Morse