Review: Godsmack- When Legends Rise

\"\"20 years removed from their debut record, Godsmack are still creating their best music and their latest record- When Legends Rise– is exactly that and its clear from the very beginning. The title track opens the record with a tribal drum intro from Shannon Larkin, which rips into a blistering Godsmack-style rock track that escalates quickly and gets your blood pumping from the very onset and its clear this is gonna be a fun album to listen to. Then we get to lead single, “Bulletproof,” which is a song built to dominate rock radio and an arena anthem if there ever was one. This is a song that shows Godsmack venturing out of their comfort zone and it’s a curveball for the longtime fans but it’s one that’s so addicting and catchy that you can’t help but listen to it over and over. “Unforgettable” is another surprise for fans with a song that features a chorus that’s so infectious that it won’t leave your head and also features a kid’s choir toward the end that will make your jaw drop and hit repeat before you get to classic Godsmack-designed “Every Part of Me” and “Take It to the Edge.” If you thought the title track and “Bulletproof” are the standout songs, just wait for “Under Your Scars.” This is the song that will leave people talking and is the song of the album. It’s a ballad that should end up in the conversation for strongest ballad of all time. The piano mixed with cello, and violins, as well as Tomy Rombola’s guitar solo toward the end, makes for one of the most beautiful and gorgeous songs ever- not just by Godsmack. It also give singer Sully Erna a chance to showcase his vocals in a way he never has under the Godsmack umbrella. This will be a quick favorite for many fans and is as powerful lyrically as is musically. “Someday,” “Just One Time,” and “Say My Name” continue a power-packed assault before “ “Let It Out”- a track that opens with a funky guitar riff that catches your attention right away and launches into a chorus that would be perfect for their live show. “Eye of the Storm” closes things out with a blazing guitar intro and is a song that keeps a temp that buries itself into you and a chorus that just kicks ass and is the perfect way to end this album. In the end, Godsmack have done exactly what they said they would do with When Legends Rise– and that’s reinvent themselves. While their last record, 1000hp was an impressive record, it wasn’t anything new and lost steam toward the end. When Legends Rise couldn’t be more opposite. There’s not a single weak track on this offering and the and is stronger than they ever have been. Godsmack is breaking new ground but are still keeping the foundations they built their success on and staying true to where they came from. Rating: 10/10 -Reggie Edwards