Review: Ghost- Prequelle

Ghost’s rise to popularity has been pretty quick over the last few years and their fourth record- Prequelle is the one that will probably make them blow up completely when it’s all said and done. Their previous record- Meliora saw them bring home a Grammy as well as their fanbase growing exponentially. Enter 2018 and the band is off to a blazing start with Prequelle and it’s a record that shows them expanding their sound too. The record opens with a traditional dark and creepy intro in “Ashes” before lead single “Rats” comes crashing in and gets the evil party started in dominant fashion. Then there’s “Faith,” which features some very hypnotizing guitar work and is a song that you’ll remember long after it’s over, ending with a church organ and choir. “See the Light” starts as a ballad that gives new frontman Cardinal Copia a chance to showcase his vocals before the Nameless Ghouls rip in with a purely epic metal track that’s just elaborate. “Miasma” is an instrumental track that has an 80’s arcade game feel to it at the start and morphs into a jazz metal work of art complete with Papa Nihl on saxophone, which is the most badass saxophone ever known to man. It’s here that we get to experience the bewitching masterpiece that is “Dance Macabre.” This, much like “Square Hammer” is one of the best Ghost songs yet and is one that you’ll find yourself listening to over and over and over again. It’s just well done and there’s just something about it that you love but you don’t know what it is. “Witch Image” is right up there with “Dance Macabre” for top song of the album. It’s chorus featuring Copia and the Ghouls singing together is just gorgeous and something you can’t get enough of ; so what if it\’s about fate, damnation and rotting flesh? This leads to the theatrical instrumental “Helvetesfonster,” which is something straight from a musical. The synthesizers, pianos and rest of the instrumentals are just plain flawless before “Life Eternal” ends things in a dominant way. In the end, Ghost continue to show that they’re more than just a gimmick band- they’re a metal juggernaut and one that you’re robbing yourself if you don’t give a chance. There are so many layers of music on Prequelle and Ghost made sure this record was nothing short of their best work and that’s exactly what this album is. Rating: 10/10 -Reggie Edwards