Review: George Morris



For what seems to be since the beginning of time, Detroit, MI has been a cornerstone for modern music. From the domination of Motown Records in the 1950’s to influential late 60’s era artists like MC5 and Iggy & the Stooges fast forwarding to  modern day acts like The White Stripes (Jack White) & Eminem.


With the release of his eponymous release, ex Satin Peaches front man George Morris has thrown his cards on the table and created a mellow, lyrically driven and well thought out  record that falls right in line with the diverse sounds that Detroit has become known for over a decade.


Upon first listen, it’s virtually impossible not to get an inkling of George Morris’ influence from David Bowie & The Beatles alongside hints of contemporaries such as Radiohead and Tame Impala.  What’s significant & noteworthy about this record is Morris’ ability to effortlessly layer sounds, tones & pop sensibilities in such a way that gives the feel that he is reinventing himself  song by song the way that David Bowie was able to do for an entire career.


Favorite Track: 100 Years


Bottom Line: This record melds the perfect mixture of retro and modern indie sounds. So much so that it’ll be a crime if the masses don’t fall in love with it!