Review: Gemini Syndrome – Memento Mori

\"gemini_syndrome_kupd_ufest_2014_mesa_jonathan_weiner\"Building off of their success from their first album Lux, Memento Mori is a good progression for Gemini Syndrome. While the album still has the familiar sounds fans have come to love, it also dips into the heavier side of the band. Songs such as “Alive Inside”, “Gravedigger”, and “Anonymous” are fantastic displays of that heavier side. The one thing I love about these songs is the fact that it is not an in your face screaming kind of heavy but a heavy that is complimented by Aaron Nordstrom’s melodic and mesmerizing vocals. “Eternity” is definitely in the top spot of my favorite songs from Memento Mori. Touching again on the heaviness of the album, the opening of the song hits you and it blows you away but the vocals in the song are not as aggressive so the different tones end up complimenting each other in the most impressive way. A majority of the songs on the album have that same tone to them which is definitely a huge highlight for me because that is not something I feel like most bands can achieve as well as Gemini Syndrome has. Lastly, “Sorry Not Sorry” is another one of my favorites on this album. The synth in the background of this song is killer, as well as the lyrics and the message. Overall I’m in love with this album and I definitely think they are progressing in the right direction. Gemini Syndrome is currently out on the “Remember We Die” tour with label mates 9Electric and Stitched Up Heart.