Review: From Ashes to New- Blackout

Fans have always connected with From Ashes to New because the band wears their emotions on their sleeves. They’ve never shied away from the subject of mental health and how it’s okay to not be okay. They’ve also never been afraid to rip off the bandage of relationship pains and their fan base continues to grow because of it. 

With their fourth record, Blackout, the band keeps the rock and rap mashup elements that put them on the map and made fans fall in love with them in the first place but they also expand on their sound and keep things fresh. 

“Heartache,” “Nightmare,” “Until We Break,” “Legacy” and “Broken By Design” keep the traditional heavy-hitting anthems alive while “Barely Breathing,” “Hope You’re Happy” and
“Hate Me Too” are catchy tracks in the vein of “Crazy.” 

While “Monster in Me” is a pure rap track that lets Matt Brandyberry spread his wings, “Echoes” shows the band exploring sounds and elements they haven’t yet and is one you can just vibe to while you’re cruising through the neighborhood, the album closes out with “Broken By Design,” which is a heavy metal rave if there ever was one and finishes things up in dynamic fashion.

In the end, From Ashes to New stick to the formulas that made them so beloved by their fans while still adding some extra flavor without alienating people. One reason fans attached themselves to FATN in the beginning is the outfit’s lyrics. 

They aren’t afraid to delve deep into their heart and rip it out for their fans. They always get creative with the vivid descriptors and are as blunt as it gets but there’s always an underlying message of hope and a light in the deepest despairs. 

Blackout is no exception. Thematically, the band really rips the bandaid off and they bleed everywhere. It’s one of the band’s strongest lyrical and musical records and is pure honesty at its best.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards