Review: Fozzy- Judas

When Fozzy released “Judas”- the lead single from their upcoming record of the same name, the metal world was set ablaze and it became the band’s most successful song to-date with over 9 million views online in just a few months.

“Drinking With Jesus,” the album’s second single is just as impressive as it’s predecessor and the record sees both songs as the lead-off, kicking Judas off with a bang.

When we get into the album, there are numerous powerhouse tracks. “Painless” is a straightforward rock track where singer Chris Jericho has some strong vocal comparisons to Ozzy and keeps the party going before we get to “Weight of My World,” which has a strong catchy, electronic, infectious vibe to it that should be one of the biggest songs on the album.

After “Wordsworth Way” we get to two of of the biggest burners Fozzy has ever written- “”Burn Me Out” and “Three Days in Jail,” the latter of which is the most unique offering we’ve ever heard from Fozzy.

The song is destined to be as big of a hit- if not bigger than “Judas.” It’s got deep-seated growls, hypnotizing rapping and some of the best Rich Ward riffs of all time. This song is right up there with the title track for top song of the album.

From here on, the rest of Judas is exactly what you’d expect from Fozzy- intense double guitars, groovy bass lines and a metal party that you’ll keep listening to long after the record has finished.

In the end, Fozzy’s seventh studio record follows suit set by Sin & Bones and Do You Wanna Start a War but takes things to a completely different level. Ever since signing to Century Media Records, Fozzy have elevated their game and have become a metal powerhouse and Judas is prime example of this.

Things are just starting to heat up for Fozzy and Judas is the start of something special for the band. From start to finish, this album is loaded with barn-burners and has no filler whatsoever. Without a single ballad on the record, Fozzy has set out to kick your ass and they do exactly that with Judas.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards