Review: Flogging Molly- Anthem

A wise man once said “I was very rarely sometimes always wrong” and that man was lead singer Dave King on Flogging Molly’s ninth full studio album, Anthem an album you can’t go wrong with. The album’s opening track, “These Times Have Got Me Drinking” is clearly about drinking and talks a bit about hard times while still hitting hard with “the best moments we ever had” and going into a rousing instrumental like only Flogging Molly can provide. “Life Begins and Ends (But Never Fails)” is an uplifting and fast-paced song. It talks about how we can only do what we can do and no matter what we do it never fails.  This toe tapper is one you will want to listen to many times over.   Each track on this album is classic Flogging Molly.  The beats make you want to raise your glass and throw an arm around your neighbor- unless you’re dealing with the next track- “The Croppy Boy.” This song is a history lesson hidden behind the beats that is Flogging Molly.  All in all, Anthem is another classic from Flogging Molly.  Whether you’re listening to them for the first time or you’ve heard them hundreds of times, Anthem makes you feel like you’re one of the guys. Trust me “I’m very rarely Sometimes always wrong.” Rating: 9/10 -Tim Stepp