Review: Through Fire- Breathe

When a band releases a debut it either puts them on the map, gains them a few fans or keeps them laying dormant and going nowhere. Anymore, it\’s very hard for a rock band to release a debut and succeed like bands did at one point. But sometimes, there\’s not denying a band\’s power, potential and drive. This is the case with Through Fire. Their debut- Breathe is one that has everything it takes to quickly take the band to the next level. Formed from the ashes of Omaha\’s Emphatic, Through Fire takes what that band built and cranks it up to max. they kick it off quickly with “Breakout,” which has just enough aggression to show the band is here to make a statement. Breathe is loaded with live anthems and “Breakout” is the first one. This leads into “Stronger,” a song that you\’ll quickly learn the lyrics to and be singing along to well before the end of the track. Warning- you may keep it on repeat for a few loops. That\’s okay, though. The title track is right on the edge of ballad and rock anthem and it\’s one that\’ll find it\’s way into your head, find a home and it won\’t leave. It just won\’t- and you\’ll be okay with it. From start to finish- whether it\’s “Where You Lie,” “Dead Inside” “Lights,” “ Blood on My Hands” or “Damage,” There is no shortage of catchy, memorable anthemic tracks on this album. In the end, Through Fire have made an impact and there\’s not stopping them now. They\’re here to go straight to the top and they have exactly what it takes. When it\’s all said and done, Breathe is by far one of the strongest debuts of 2016 and is exactly what Through Fire are all about. Rating: 10/10 -Reggie Edwards