Review: Through Fire- All Animal

While a band’s debut record is important for many reasons, their sophomore release is even more important on so many levels. If their debut is strong, it puts them on the map and raises expectations for the follow-up, which can raise their stock or completely break their career and make fans look elsewhere. 

Luckily for Through Fire- who burst onto the scene with 2016’s Breathe, their second record- All Animal takes what they accomplished and did with Breathe, takes the bar and completely shatters it.

Lead single and also the title kick off the record and vicious fashion and also show singer Grant Kendrick hitting some of his highest notes and proves from the start that Through Fire are out to prove they’re a force in rock. 

“Medicine” follows “All Animal” up and brings back the electronic rock elements that made the band so popular on Breathe and it’s a track that’s in-your-face and makes a lyrical statement; it’s guaranteed to be a quick hit.

“Sick and Tired” keeps things going with a song loaded with an addictive and unforgettable chorus that’s packed between two strong choruses, which leads into “Listen to Your Heart,” following the path laid by Breathe, where Through Fire covered “Jar of Hearts” and “Lights.” And yes, it’s just as good too; Plus, how often do you hear a Roxette cover?

Following “Superhero,” the band slows things down for an acoustic-fueled, power ballad and, almost-ritualistic song in “Die Sober,” where their hearts are wrenching and crying out for hope and sheds a light on the mind of someone trying to stay sober and not go back down the road of addiction. 

Next up, “Doubt,” is a dramatic anthem that gives you chills on the chorus and is one of the top songs Through Fire have ever put together and is a perfect partner for “Die Sober,” a fight anthem for anyone battling the doubt that they can get through any obstacle they face. Turn this song on, crank it up and it will fire you up so much you can do whatever you have in front of you.

“Breaking Point” and “My Son” are emotionally-loaded tracks that pull at your heartstrings and show the band will leave no stone unturned and will go anywhere in order to make a connection and make sure fans can relate to their music.

“Wake the Dead” wraps things up in a powerful way that makes you start the record over and digest it all over again. 

In the end, Through Fire have taken the ball that was put in their court by the success of Breathe and completely run away with it. The energy and intensity of this record are so strong, you can’t help but walk away with some of it yourself. 

Newcomers Grant Brooks and Kyle LeBlanc form a completely different and fresh rhythm section and the breath of fresh air Through Fire needed. While this album has a completely different feel than its predecessor did, it does that in a good way and is the record Through Fire needed to write at this time and it shows exactly what makes this band so special.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards