Review: The Everyday Losers- Mono No Aware

When a band catches fire, they either keep the momentum going and continue to rise or they fizzle out and the latter seems to happen a lot when a local band is on the cusp of something big.

This isn’t the case with Washington, Ind.’s Everyday Losers, who consistently go further with each record release, and their latest- Mono No Aware keeps the stylistic approach of previous records but also sees the band going down an even more honest and unapologetic road than ever.

The record starts off strong with “The Calm and Collected,” which is far from what the song really is- it’s heavy and one hell of a way to start the record off. It shows the band is ready to take the leap from local band to national prominence.

After “Melancholia” slows it down a little bit, “Birds of Prey” kicks you in the ass with a rock anthem that should become one of the bands signature songs pretty quickly. You can close your eyes and picture a sea of thousands of people screaming the chorus back to the band and that’s something every group wishes they had.

“Break My Heart” follows it up with a ballad that’s a pure cry of emotional brilliance that’s raw, gritty and beautiful at the same time. Frontman Dylan Seidel’s raspy vocals on the chorus make the song everything that it is and make it stand out from the rest of the pack.

“Who We Are” rips back into things right away and has a Stone Temple Pilots-esque guitar line that fits perfectly, which is followed gorgeously with “Keep Telling Me,” which is just as unforgettable.

Then there’s “Burn Away,” which is an addicting, infectious and catchy rock song that should be a live setlist addition in a heartbeat and is another one you can picture a crowd singing along to easily.

“Know It All” would do well on rock radio and is a 90’s grunge tribute with a chorus that’s easily relatable for anyone listening and meshes aggression and fuck-all-attitude with blistering guitar riffs for a song that’s one of the many standouts of the album.

“Die For You” closes the record out in the best possible way and is a track that’s a pure “fuck you” and has some of the most hypnotizing riffs Dylan and Tyler Seidel have ever pieced together. This song closes the album out powerfully and in a way that makes you wanna start the entire thing over again, which you’re guaranteed to do.

In the end, Mono No Aware shows The Everyday Losers really coming into their own. With spots on tour with bands like Saliva already under their belt and numerous festival appearances on their resume and coming up, The Everyday Losers have every bit of potential to make the jump to national band.

They also not only have the drive and dedication to do it- but they now have a record that has everything needed to catapult them to places they’ve never been- the production is top-notch, the lyrics are the strongest of their career and their musicianship has taken a step above as well. 

Mono No Aware is the strongest record The Everyday Losers have put together yet and things are just getting started for them.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards