Review: Emperors and Elephants- Moth

It\’s always a breath of fresh air when you get an album from a band that\’s bringing something different to the table in the world of hard rock. Chicago’s own Emperors and Elephants are doing just that with their most recent release Moth.

While the band has had their fair share tragedy, devastation and change but they have not let it slow them down.

The opening of the album is hard and in your face with a track called “Hidden”. The raspy vocals and grungy guitar riffs make it really stand out. Like most of the album, this song has a strong 90’s hard rock influence that melds perfectly with the message they\’re getting across in the lyrics.

“Porcelain Kiss” is one of the catchiest tunes from Moth. The chorus will be stuck in your head for days and you\’ll love every second of it. Leaning more towards the softer side of the album is the ballad “Jester” which is probably my favorite song on the album. The softness in the vocals of Jesse Andrews are perfect on this track.

Lastly, “Trigger” is another hard hitting song that has some pretty intense lyrics behind it with a killer guitar riff and solo to match.

Overall Emperors and Elephants have found a unique sound that sets them apart from the rest and it works oh so well. Moth is available now.

Rating: 9/10

-Tera Ford