Review: Emarosa -131

\"13308303_1145225785498311_4114975844242162037_o\"Emarosa has been through some shit over the last few years, to say the least and clearly they are not letting any of that slow them down. This new album 131 is hands down one of my favorites released this year so far. Bradley Walden’s vocals are absolutely amazing. You can feel his passion on this album and it makes it that much more enjoyable to listen to. The band released 3 songs off of 131 early, as well as videos for them. Helpless, Miracle and Cloud 9. Helpless is hands down my jam song. There is something about the song that makes you move, and it’s wonderful. Cloud 9 is also a super catchy tune that really does get stuck in your head. I also really enjoyed the video for it. But while these songs are great, they’re not my favorites off of the album. Sure, the 3rd song on 131, is beautiful. It is so relatable and the vocals are absolutely breathtaking. There is so much meaning and passion behind the song and it shows in the lyrics. I adore it. Never really got to me. I don’t know who this song was written for but it’s everything a woman ever wants to hear. This is the best apology song I’ve ever heard. He even talks about having a child, which is adorable. It’s a perfect song. The album ends on this really high note. The song is called Re: and it’s a mash-up of all of the songs off of the album which is done very tastefully. It really sealed the deal on this album for me. I would love to see how much of this album they would play live considering it’s pretty emotional, although it would be beautiful to be serenaded by a few of love songs on here. Overall I would say this is the best I’ve heard from Emarosa in a while.