Review: Drowning Pool- Hellelujah

Three years removed from their first record with new singer Jasen Moreno- Resilience– Drowning Pool are back with the follow-up in Hellelujah, which shows the band returning to some of their thematic roots. Moreno is the band’s fourth singer, taking over after Ryan McCombs departed to rejoin SOiL. He’s also the band’s strongest singer since original frontman Dave Williams- he sounds a little like Williams too, which helps. The band has been releasing a few songs here and there to build up the release and get fans excited for the record and they should be because this is one hell of a record. With a title like Hellelujah and songs like “We Are The Devil,” “Hell To Pay,” “By The Blood,” “Snake Charmer” and “All Saints Day,” it’s definitely a resemblance to what they were trying to do with Sinner when they first exploded onto the scene and kicked all our asses. Drowning Pool has always had a strong aggression and attitude within their music and lyrics which grab you and shakes you around, beats the hell out of you and makes you want more and more. With Hellelujah they’ve done just that. While it’s not as strong as Resilience as a whole, Hellelujah is one of Drowning Pool’s most impressive and memorable albums. As do most of the tracks on the album, lead single “By The Blood” has the anthemic choruses that have made Drowning Pool so popular and such a mainstay in the rock and metal community for as long as they have been. So when the record releases, make sure you get out to your local record store, support the music and pick up Hellelujah. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards