Review: The Dodies- It\’s One Hell of a Ride

One thing so great about rock and roll is that it knows no boundaries- whether North America, the UK or even Israel- as we see firsthand with The Dodies. Their debut record- It’s One Hell Of A Ride- is exactly that, one hell of a ride and it starts early with “Boiling Point,” bringing their raw, gritty, garage rock style to vibrant life and their off and running with a vengeance, but what else would you expect from a record co-produced by Bumblefoot? The duo of Yoni Avittan and Ran Aronson are swinging for the fences with this record and they knock it out of the park with a vast arsenal of instrumentals and they don’t let up until the very end.  With songs like “Stuck,” “Suburban Nights” and “Pussy Riot,” this is a record where no two songs sound alike and to make a record as strong as this and keep that consistency isn’t easy to do.  It might take a few listens through to really appreciate how good this record is, but when you get it, you get it and you truly appreciate it.  Avittan’s vocals and guitar work mixed with the underrated and mind-blowing instrumental strongholds on synth-bass and drums is a combo-punch knockout that you can’t avoid but you’ll get right back in line for when the record is done.  Rating: 9/10