Review: Disturbed- Divisive

When Disturbed returned in 2016, they started right where they left off before their hiatus and became stronger than ever. Now in 2022, the band are set to release their third post-hiatus album in Divisive and it’s a harken back to the band’s prime years.  While their last record- Evolution featured multiple ballads in the vein of “Sound of Silence,” Divisive is a 37-minute knockout punch that doesn’t let up until the end, starting with lead single “Hey You,” which is the perfect opening for the record.  The record is loaded with fist-pumping arena and festival anthems (“Divisive,” “Unstoppable,” “Part of Me,” “Won’t Back Down”) as well as statement songs that are strong calls to arms (“Take Back Your Life,” “Love to Hate”).  One of the strongest songs of the record is “Don’t Tell Me,” which features the legendary Ann Wilson of Heart, which starts slow and haunting before blasting into a guitar-heavy classic, much like some of Heart’s best-known songs.  In the end, Divisive is a stacked album that’s nothing short of an adrenalizing journey that gets your heart pounding hard and your blood pumping heavily and makes you feel like you can take on the world. One thing is for sure- with Divisive, Disturbed are back stronger than ever and their fanbase will have a lot of new songs to fall in love with.  Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards