Review: Dirty Machine- Discord

There was once a time when Nu Metal reigned over everything- Pop and Country stood no chance against it. Many think those days may be slowly coming back and others hope for the days of rock and metal being on top to return. One band who’s been flying the flag for Nu Metal since 2012 is Dirty Machine and they’ve been doing it well, too. Having just signed to Zombie Shark Records, their latest record- Discord is one of the strongest metal records you’ll hear this year and does the genre proud. They open with the title track, which features some very catchy guitars and showcases the dual vocals perfectly. It kicks off the album with a bang and sets the stage for “Seeds,” which takes you back to the glory days with the metal and DJ combo. The screaming vocals of “I’m here to STAAAYY” will resonate with you and show the aggression and attitude right in your face. “Self Made Hero” is exactly what we’ve been looking for. Opening with a growling, screaming line of “You are not ready for this” with beating guitars, drums and DJ spinning is exactly what we love. Then there’s the lone base backup during the second verse that’s just perfect. A few tracks feature a very strong Disturbed vibe mixed with Limp Bizkit tones while “Ecusa’s Nightmare” is an impressive showcase for DJ Ecusa. “Built” is another track that features a very strong Disturbed resemblance. It’s also an anthem for anyone beaten into the ground, trying to rise back up and be themselves again while “Wonka” features some very hypnotizing guitars mixed with more rapping vocals. Then there’s “Refuse to Follow,” which is one of the strongest songs on album, featuring some impressive symphonic elements. This is Nu-Metal at its best. If you don’t like bands in the vein of Korn, Limp Bizkit, Primer 55, etc. you wont find anything here to satisfy you. However, if that was your genre, this is an album that has a lot to offer. There’s a lot of strength and potential for these guys to go far. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards