Review: DevilDriver – Trust No One

\"devildriverband2016promo_638\"With the release of DevilDrivers, Trust No One, it marks the seventh LP in the bands thirteen year career. Truth be told, I\’ve never listened to DevilDriver or vocalist and only remaining original member Dez Fafara’s previous band Coal Chamber, so there won’t be any comparisons to the bands glory days of old.

When I think of metal there are several subtle nuances that I tend to look for that some claim is far too simplistic. Is the bass line as thick and chunky? C\’mon, you know….. like a stripper that can do the thunderclap.

I gravitate to the guitar player that plays so ferocious that if he doesn’t break at least one string he\’s pissed off. The metal drummer I’m looking for is the one that makes you answer every question for the next two days with… WHAT?  The singer that reels me in is the one who not only sound like their pre-show ritual is to gargle with broken glass, but with each word they belt out a different tendon or artery protrudes from their neck.

I often compare metal to beer. I like beer that is simple. Beer that’s cold, gritty, cheap and void of all the bullshit like grapefruit or nutmeg etc. and that’s how I like metal it has to be  heavy, dirty, aggressive and void of all the bullshit. Otherwise that beer is a cake and that metal is a hair band.

DevilDriver’s Trust No One is all of the aforementioned nuances from the opening whistle to the closing bell. So if you like music that’s heavy, dirty and aggressive this record is a Home Run!


Favorite Track – Bad Deeds