Review: Deliverance- The Subversive Kind

Christian metal band Deliverance have just dropped their newest endeavor on Roxx Records/3 Frogs Records. It’s called The Subversive Kind and did I mention that it’s also amazing? Its the album you’ve been hoping for since Weapons of Our Warfare and Learn and finally your prayers have been answered.

The band\’s one true constant- Jimmy Brown is joined on guitar/vocals by former one time guitarist Glenn Rodgers (Heretic, Hirax), former bassist Victor Macias(Crucified, Fasedown) and new drummer Jim Chaffin (Tourniquet, Ossuary). Together they are a true force of nature. This is the album you knew they still had in them and hinted at with 2013’s Hear What I Say!

The riffage to “Bring ‘Em Down” is absolutely breathtaking then the bridge hits and the guitars and drums go off the charts. The blistering drums in the verse parts of “Concept of The Other” gives no warning at all of the sludge metal in the bridge, while the guitars to “Center Of It All” really are the center of it all.

The guitar in “The Black Hand” has hints of Weapons of Our Warfare as if it was written around the same time, while ‘Epilogue” is another song that is driven by the almighty riff and has hints of classic Deliverance such as What A Joke or Stay of Execution. At the same time “Listen Closely” has a frenetic pace that goes faster than the speed of light when the mindboggling solo hits.

“The Subversive Kind” has a positively infectious riff that slowly turns into a stunning display of dueling leads where Brown and Rogers shred like there’s no tomorrow and “The Fold” ends the cd as brilliantly as it began, with a defiant chant of \”I WON’T FOLD!\”

Here’s the bottom line- This is by far the best this underrated band has sounded since the early part of the 90’s. Now the only bummer is waiting until the next one drops.
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

-Eric Hunker