Review: Ded- Mis-an-thrope

When a new band comes around, they either have it or they just don’t. Sometimes you know exactly what it is they have or are missing and sometimes you can just tell. Ded are one of the latest metal bands to emerge and, with their debut record- Mis-an-thrope, they have everything it takes to become one of the top bands.

Before the record released, Ded released two singles- “Anti-Everything” and “FMFY,” both of which were a perfect preview of what was to come, telling fans the record would go in two different directions.

The record opens with “Architect,” which kicks things off with authority and lets the listener know they’re in for a powerful ride. This takes us into “Anti-Everything,” which has a KoRn-meets-Papa Roach feel to it and is one of the strongest tracks on the album.

“Dead to Me” is a good combination of the two style while “Remember the Enemy” is just as addicting and catchy as “Anti-Everything.” After “Rope” and “Disassociate,” we come to “Hate Me,” which is an anthem for the beaten down and the castaways of society- it’s a powerful one. Then we have “Beautiful,” which is the slow-down ballad of the record. It’s as dominant as the other tracks but takes a more haunting approach and shows Ded’s more vulnerable side.

In the end, Ded have proven they have what it takes to hang with the established bands and have made a name for themselves right out of the gate. Vocally and musically, this is something we haven’t heard in awhile and it’s a good change of pace for the metal community. There’s not a weak offering on the record and their sophomore effort has a lot to live up to.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards