Review: Crown The Empire – Retrograde

   \"Crown_The_Empire_-_2016\" Crown The Empire has released their highly anticipated album Retrograde which is a brilliant display of a band branching out and exploring their possibilities. With songs such as “Are you coming with me”, “Zero”, and “Hologram” having a lighter feel to them with harsh vocals to balance everything out definitely makes this album that much more enjoyable. Even though it does seem to me that they took a more toned down approach to this album, “Lucky Us” brings us back to that familiar sound that fans have come to expect. “Signs of Life” is the one song that really stood out to me for the fact that it’s hidden at the end of the album and it’s a very soft, shy song that is very well put together.

                Retrograde is a step in the right direction for Crown the Empire. Because the album is so diverse there is something for everyone on this album, whether it be electronic, metal or something that’s soft and sweet. I am not a huge fan of the opening of the album with “SK-68” but that is really my only complaint. Crown the Empire is currently out on Warped Tour.