Review: Crobot – Welcome to Fat City

\"imagesThe Pottsville, PA foursome Crobot, made up of Brandon Yeagley on vocals, Chris Bishop on guitar & the rhythm section of the brothers Figueroa, Jake on bass & Paul manning the drums are back with a vengeance with Welcome to Fat City.  Over the past three years Crobot has cut their chops and honed their skills in every room that would let them play. Stylistically, Crobot is described as \”Dirty Rock Groove\” and I’ll say that on first listen, that moniker fits their sound like an O.J. Simpson glove. Welcome to Fat City is driven by Jake Figueroa\’s thick and syrupy bass line. When it\’s mixed with the sweet and spacey tone of Bishop\’s guitar riffability, pure magic is made.  Brandon Yeagley\’s vocals are strong and soulful with a definitive 70\’s throwback aspect and it goes without saying that this cat can blow on the harp. The first four seconds into Welcome to Fat City set the tone for the entire record and makes it virtually impossible to turn off. I found myself cranking this bitch up to 10! Opening track Welcome to Fat City feels as if it’s a continuation of their debut, Something Supernatural. On Deck \”Play it Cool\”. Although staying true to their sound this track definitely has more of a modern rock sound. In the hole is \”Easy Money\”. Anytime a song bridges the gap with a harmonica solo, I’m instantly hooked! This song is chocked full of big vocals and big sounds equaling a big WIN. Standout Track – Not For Sale Bottom Line – There are bands that put out records and there are bands that set out on musical journeys, Crobot is the latter. Welcome to Fat City is the next checkpoint on a musical journey that I honestly hope never ends