Review: Combichrist – This Is Where Death Begins

Combichrist is back with This is Where Death Begin which is filled with the most satisfying electronic beats to compliment the haunting and straightforward vocals from Andy LePlague while still holding that heavy metal feeling throughout the entire album. It is truly the perfect balance.

The album kicks off with We are the Plague, which couldn’t be more perfect of an opening song for this album. It is very in your face and heavy, which sets the tone perfectly for the entire album.  Skullcrusher is definitely a highlight for me, because the lyrics are pretty straightforward and to the point, making it relatable and catchy.But my favorite song would have to be Pay to Play. I think the whole concept of the song is very awesome and the vocals are absolutely phenomenal. Definitely a badass song all the way around.

I would also like to point out just how downright chilling this album gets at times. The track Black Tar Dove pt1 actually scared the hell out of me. There is something about this instrumental track filled with torturous screams and the hollow beat of a drum that sent chills through my entire body. It gives you that standing on the edge 3000 feet up sick feeling in your stomach. The addition of the church bells half way through this song did not help the jump out of your skin factor at all. Needless to say this song is the shit nightmares are made of.

This album was extremely refreshing to say the least. In a time where bands are all about power riffs and heavy breakdowns, the industrial electronic sound that Combichrist has stayed true to over the years has satisfied my need for something different. This is Where Death Begins is not an album to be overlooked.