Review: Code Red Riot- Mask

When Corky Gainsford announced awhile back that he was leaving Otherwise, fans were hoping deep down that he would return to music eventually. Then when he announced a new project in Code Red Riot, we were all hoping the project would lead to an album and even a tour.

Fast forward to 2018 and it’s all happening, and their debut- Mask is one that will make any of his fans very happy- and not just because he’s taken on the frontman role.

The first thing that can be said about Mask is that from the very start of “Panic and Pain,” this album is guitar heaven- the riffs, hooks and solos are jaw-dropping and more than impressive. The lead-off track is an adrenaline rush and opens this record perfectly, with the band proclaiming proudly- “WE’RE FUCKING HERE.”

“Killing the Kings” is stacked with devastating guitar solos and riffs and, by the end of this song you’re fucking hooked with Gainsford screaming “I’ll never go away.”  You’re goddamn right, Corky.

“Living Low”’s harmonized opening vocals are amazing and reminds you of Taproot a little bit. It’s a personal track to lead into “Slide,” who’s guitar mixed with lone vocal opening hooks you from the start so that you’re already in when the rest of the band comes in. It’s a fun rock track that you’ll get lost in and it’s perfect for the interstate.

“Chaos Calls” starts off peaceful before hitting you with a fast paced rock track while “Ghost,” and “Fuel in the Fire” follow suite before “Bulletproof,” which should become a quick hit on rock radio and a fan favorite at the festivals and live shows.

“Handle This” starts off like a slow southern rock anthem but then kicks into a tribal rock masterpiece that shows the band lyrically going very deep.

While “Handle This” is a dark track, “7 More Days” is much more upbeat and a more hypnotic guitar track and “My Falling Soul” closes out the album in a very emotional and personal way; It’s a track that most of us can relate to in some way.

Good things take time and it\’s been awhile since Corky announced the project. It’s refreshing to hear a debut that’s so artistically and perfectly crafted and put together.

He took his time getting the right musicians and making sure it was the right music and with Taz, Woz and Ant, it pays off in more ways than one.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards