Review: Caleb Johnson- Born From Southern Ground

\"\"Caleb Johnson is back and sounds as phenomenal as ever on his second album Born From Southern Ground. This album blew me away from start to finish as Johnson has one of the best voices for rock and roll but shows just how versatile he can really be on this album. It’s apparent that he has found a sound that works best with his talents and runs with it on this album, giving listeners a raw and heartfelt performance on every single song.  Born From Southern Ground opens up with a familiar song in Holding On, which was previously released by Johnson as a single in 2016 but it is exactly what this album called for as an opening track. The choir vocals and organ intro prepares the listener to go to church and worship the sweet, sweet sounds of rock n’ roll.  The next track Solid Gold has a southern, bluesy rhythm that pairs so perfectly with Johnson’s vocals.  It’s impossible to not close your eyes and sway along when this song comes on. Solid Gold has all of the elements needed to be one of the best southern rock songs put out in the last five years, easily. Sugar starts off with a bass line that  grabs you and pulls you in along with the very Hendrix-esque guitars.  The lyrics are fun, the song is fun and it is an overall groove track that will leave listeners singing it long after the song ends. Blind puts Johnson’s vocal range and ability on full display. As soon as the chorus to this song kicked in I had instant goosebumps and a tear in my eye. Everything about this song is absolutely beautiful and pure. Hands down one of the best songs from this album. Hanging With The Band is going to be a quick and easy favorite with listeners. While this is another song that was previously released as a single, the album offers you an acoustic version that takes the song to a whole new level. The chorus is absolute gold and has potential to be a summer anthem for many listeners.  Born From Southern Ground is the album that Caleb Johnson fans have been waiting to hear from him. With uplifting songs such as It’s Not The End to fun and in your face songs like Ride With The Devil there is no going wrong with this album. It is a refreshing listen from start to finish giving listeners a beautiful display of talent. Rating: 9/10 -Tera Ford