Review: Bullet For My Valentine- Gravity

13 years after they set the metal world ablaze with their debut – The Poison, Bullet For My Valentine are still going strong and and harder than ever with Gravity, their sixth studio record and far departure from what fans may be used to.

In 2013, the band tried to change gears with Temper Temper and it fell flat with people saying the band had gone soft and the record was a disappointment. However they came back with a vengeance in the form of 2015’s Venom and fans were excited once again.

Fast forward to 2018 and Gravity has hit the airwaves and the band have completely reinvented themselves but kept true to the styles that made them so popular in the first place.

Breaking down the tracks:

Leap of Faith– You can tell the new direction from the very beginning but it works. The electronic intro kicks in and the album starts very calm and soothing but rips into heavy chorus and we’re off to the races.

Over It– This is the lead single and there are so many things going on in this song that you really have to listen a few times to truly appreciate how complex it is. It’s heavy but also has a very polished feel to it.

Letting You Go– This one follows suit but also expands on the electronic sound and is more poppy-metal than the previous tracks. However, BFMV does it in a way that stays true to what they’ve previously done

Not Dead Yet- Here, the band delves deep and brings out an anthemic track that should fit well live.

Piece of Me- This one is more along the lines of previous BFMV favorites. It’s heavy, metal, and Matt Tuck’s screams resonate with you while Michael Paget’s guitar work is powerful as ever.

Gravity- The choir makes it even more epic than it already was. This song combines all elements from the record into one for a memorable track.

Don’t Need You- A dramatic, epic intro explodes into a classic BFMV attack. “Don’t Need You” would have fit will on Scream Aim Fire and is exactly what longtime fans are looking for.

Breathe Underwater- “Breathe Underwater” closes out album in a very emotional way and is the most vulnerable we’ve heard the band yet. This may be one of the songs that people talk about when they remember Gravity.

In the end, Bullet For My Valentine have completely reinvented themselves but have done so in a way that stays true to the BFMV legacy. They have changed their arsenal up but also kept a lot of the same weapons they’ve always had and they use them at just the right time. This is one of the most complete and impressive records Bullet For My Valentine have put out yet.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards